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Client Materials

Client Information Questionnaire

So that we will be able to answer your questions and handle your case in a prompt and efficient manner, it is important that you attempt to answer the above questions fully and accurately before your initial appointment.


You may use the North Dakota Model Parenting Plan to help you prepare for mediation.  This plan has a lot of ideas for you as to what a parenting plan can contain See also "Preparing for Mediation."

Residential Responsibility & Parenting Plan

Best Interests & Welfare of Child - Court Consideration & Factors

For the purpose of determining parental rights and responsibilities of children the best interest and welfare of the child is considered. Courts are charged to weigh these interests against what is best for the child.

Child Support

The Department of Human Services has established child support guidelines to be used by courts in determining the amount a parent should be expected to contribute toward the support of a child.  There is also a simple calculator to use for basic guidance.  An experienced attorney can provide you with the best information about this issue.

Divorce & Spousal Support

Factors for Division of Property & Debt

The Court, in dividing property and debt, will consider the factors included in the documents below.